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Beauty as a Career?

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Cosmetology is one of those versatile career options that open up a lot of avenues. With a license to practice, one can choose to focus on a single specialty, such as hair or make up or combine several of those attributes so that they make the most of their educations. Before you run out to apply to the local salon, there are a few things you’ll need to have beforehand. founder A. Harrison Barnes says a license is a must for anyone going into cosmetology. There are a lot of different reasons for this, but one of the most important ones includes having a thorough understanding of various things that can suggest health problems. A make up artist needs to recognize contagious skin disorders and those who focus their attention on providing clients the latest hairstyles need to have an understanding of scalp disorders, some of which are contagious as well. This is what’s taught in a cosmetology course. Every state has its minimum requirements that must be met before testing in front of the state boards.

So what about those opportunities? A. Harrison Barnes says the options are limitless:

“  Some cosmetologists go into business for themselves. They open their own salons that might include manicures, haircuts, colors and other beauty treatments such as facials.

“  There is also a growing trend in those cosmetologists who are willing to make their clients beautiful away from their salons. Weddings are just one of those events hairdressers and make up artists are showing up at as part of their services. Whether the stylist has a full time entourage on staff or keeps several part time employees, these professionals are always ready to go where their services are needed.

“  Cosmetologists are going into business with licensed massage therapists to provide a spa-like experience for their clients. It’s beneficial for both – they’re exposed to the other’s clients and because they’re partners in their business, no one person is shouldering the lion’s share of the expenses associated with the day to day operations.

“  Make a success of your first salon and then expand. Many cosmetologists are becoming well known for their chains of shops. It’s a great way to cover the proverbial financial bases while also providing jobs for the communities the shops are located in.

These are just a few of the ways you can make an incredible career with your cosmetology background. Keep in mind, though, if you branch out of the state you’re licensed in, you will need to contact any new states to ensure you remain in state compliance. Usually, it’s only a matter of applying for a license and in most states, says the founder, it’s less than one hundred dollars. It’s a fast paced career choice that provides excitement and provides a sense of satisfaction for those who choose this as their careers.